Worse-Off With Your Pay


Mr Morrison's record shows that he won’t lift a finger to get your wages growing.   

That’s why when things go wrong – whether it is the bushfires or the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – he doesn’t take charge. For Mr Morrison, every crisis is someone else’s responsibility, every problem is someone else’s fault. But when things go right, he’s the first to take credit.

Since 2013, the Liberals have been promising higher wages for Australia workers – and every year for 8 long years, they have failed to deliver.  In fact, in every Budget since the Liberals came to power, wage growth has been significantly weaker than what they promised in their annual budget papers. 

That’s nearly a decade of bigger pay rises that you’ve missed out on. 

Research from the McKell Institute shows that the average Australian worker would be earning $254 more each week if wage growth had continued at the rate achieved under the last Labor Government. That is $13,000 a year that families are missing out on.

Mr Morrison and his mates have failed to deliver for Australians – and why? 

Former Finance Mathias Cormann let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that low wage growth is “a deliberate design feature of our economic architecture” under the Morrison Government.

And that’s your guarantee that they won’t get your pay growing in a fourth term either. In fact, their budget counts on your pay going backwards.

The truth is that Mr Morrison is all photo-op, and no follow-up with his promises of wage growth – he doesn’t care about you, it’s you and your family who are missing out on thousands of dollars a year at a time when the cost of living continues to skyrocket. 

When prices grow faster than your wages, you’re worse off –your pay doesn’t go as far at the supermarket or the petrol station. This is a drop in real wages – the amount of stuff you can buy with your money, or your ‘buying power’.  

Under the Mr Morrison, Australians have seen the biggest cut to their buying power in 20 years.  And every Australian who is shelling out more – more to see a GP, more for childcare, more to care for their aging parents, more in rent – knows it.

And worse still – Mr Morrison and his mates have now admitted to Australians that we’ll be waiting until at least 2025 before we see an increase in our real wages, meaning that you’ll be stuck going backwards for at least another four years. 

The reality is that without stronger wage growth, your bills will just grow quicker than your pay packet.  You won’t get ahead – instead you and your family will get further and further behind.

This can be fixed – but Mr Morrison doesn’t care. He’s not on your side.  This is ‘a deliberate design feature’ of a Morrison Government, after all.   

It’s clear that there’s one set of rules for us, and one set of rules for Mr Morrison and his mates – many of whom have landed six-figure salaries in government-appointed positions under the Morrison Government.  

And Mr Morrison has never taken a pay-cut, even while your wages stagnated, and tens of thousands of Australians lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Without stronger wage growth, Australians will suffer. Everyday goods will become more and more expensive while you get paid practically the same.

Mr Morrison is not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side.

He’s only in it for himself.

What you need to know

  • The Morrison-Turnbull-Abbott Government have promised stronger wage growth in every budget since 2013 – and they’ve failed to deliver every time.
  • A report by the McKell Institute shows that the average Australian worker would be earning $254 more each week if wage growth had continued at the rate achieved under the last Labor Government.
  • Under Mr Morrison, real wage growth has fallen to historically-low levels – and it’s predicted to keep falling while the cost of childcare, health care and housing have grown strongly.
  • The Morrison Government have now admitted that they won’t deliver real wage growth before 2025 – and you’ll continue to be thousands of dollars a year worse off until they do.

Bills Bigger than Wages until 2025

Despite claiming that the economy is ‘roaring back into life’, Mr Morrison and his mates admit in their latest Budget that you won't receive a real pay rise for another four years. In that time, your electricity bill will rise, your shopping bill will rise, it will cost more to fill up your car – but you won’t be paid enough to cover the increase without going backwards.

Years of Liberal Lies on Wage Growth

Mr Morrison and his mates say they’ll fix your pay in 2025 – but they’ve been caught out lying in their Budget Papers every year since they came to power in 2013. The Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Governments have all failed to follow-through on their promised wage growth, leaving Australians thousands of dollars off each year.

Thousands of Dollars Worse Off Under Mr Morrison

Research by the McKell Institute shows that Australian workers are, on average, worse-off $254 each week under Mr Morrison compared to the wage growth achieved under the last Labor Government. That’s thousands of dollars a year that you and your family are missing out on because of Mr Morrison.

Biggest Drop in Buying Power in 20 Years

Australians have experienced the biggest cut to their buying power in twenty years under the Morrison Government. That means that you’re buying less with the same pay check, and you’ll keep falling further behind on Mr Morrison’s watch.

Wage Growth Was Bad Before the Pandemic – And It’s Getting Worse.

Twenty-two of the nation's tops economists agree that wages are not growing fast enough, saying that wage growth was a serious problem before the pandemic, and is now only going to getting worse. Even under the most optimistic model, no scenario has wages increasing faster than inflation for a number of years – meaning you have to spend more, but don’t get paid more.

Scott Morison Makes the Problem Worse

Faced with already historically low wage growth, hundreds of thousands of Australians either working for the Federal Government or on award wages have had their pay frozen – despite their bills continuing to rise.

The Facts

We know the facts matter. Here you can find further details about Mr Morrison’s failure to increase your pay.

Wage growth in Australia

This chart shows how your pay packet is suffering under the Liberals.  Under Labor, wage growth average 3.6 per cent while under the Liberals it averages just 2.1 per cent. 

Australian families are significantly worse-off under Mr Morrison and the Liberals compared to the last Labor Government. 

Source: ABS Data – Wage Price Index

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