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It doesn’t matter if it is Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull or Tony Abbott, if there’s one thing we know about Liberal Prime Ministers, it is that they’re addicted to spending taxpayers’ money on advertising.

The Liberals have spent almost $1 billion in government advertising since they were elected in 2013.

The Liberals could have spent that $1 billion in advertising on issues that matter to you – instead, they’re spending your taxpayer money like it's their own.

$1 million sent to Liberal mate for ‘research’

Scott Morrison has sent more than $1 million in taxpayer money to his Liberal mate’s market research company. The Government claims the research is for legitimate purposes but won’t share any of the findings with the Australian people.

$7 million spent on COVIDSafe app ads – only finds 17 people

Scott Morrison spent $7 million advertising his failed COVIDSafe app – an app that only found 17 people not found by contact tracers.

$75 million summer advertising splurge

Despite Australians desperately needing real support to recover from COVID, Scott Morrison chose to roll-out a $75 million advertising blitz over the summer break of 2021.

Bushfires wreck lives. Scott Morrison’s solution – make a flashy video

Remember how Scott Morrison wasn’t all that popular in bushfire communities? Well, don’t worry. He came up with a great solution. Scott Morrison’s Government shelled out $190,000 of your money to a former Howard Government staffer to produce bushfire advertising – some fancy videos to promote the Morrison Government. The Government snuck out the information about the contract on Christmas Eve. That must have been great news to all those families still struggling to get back on their feet.

Election coming? Here’s a $140 million for ads!

In the year the 2019 election was held, the Liberals shelled out $140 million in advertising – including, wait for it, $11 million in just four weeks before the election was called.

Don’t worry about the ads being accurate – let’s get them out!

For almost two years, the Liberals persisted with a $33 million advertising campaign, without evidence that some of the claims in the ads were even accurate! Apparently this didn’t bother Scott Morrison because the ads ran right up until just before the 2019 election.

The Facts

We know the facts matter. Here you can find the details behind the Liberal’s $1 billion advertising splurge.

Year Total ($M) Source
2019-20 127.9 Campaign_Advertising-Report_2019-20.pdf (
2018-19 140 Campaign Advertising by Australian Government Departments and Agencies Report 2018-19 (
2017-18 157 Campaign Advertising by Australian Government Departments and Agencies - Report 2017-18 (
2016-17 100.1 campaign-advertising-by-australian-government-departments-and-agencies-annual-report-2016-17.pdf (
2015-16 174.7 Campaign Advertising by Australian Government Departments and Agencies - Annual Report 2015-16 (
2014-15 107.1 Campaign Advertising by Australian Government Departments and Agencies (
2013-14 106.5 Campaign Advertising by Australian Government Departments and Agencies - Annual Report 2013-14 (

Find a fault?

Over the past eight years of secrecy and document shredding, the Liberals have made it harder than ever to hold the Government to account on websites like this. If you think we’ve got something wrong or have missed something, please let us know.

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