Safer Seats Rorts


Scott Morrison is all about himself, and doesn’t really care about you.

The Liberals have been caught red-handed rejecting advice from community safety experts about which communities needed funding to help make their streets safer.

Instead, the Liberals redirected taxpayers’ money into electorates Scott Morrison wanted to win at the 2019 election.

When the Liberals were finished with Round 3 of the Safer Communities Fund, 91 per cent of funding ended up in Government-held, independent or marginal Labor seats.

It seems the Liberals were not trying to make communities safer - they were using taxpayer's money to make Liberal seats safer.

We’ve had Sports Rorts. Now welcome to Safer Seats Rorts.

Scott Morrison is not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side. He’s only in it for himself.

What you need to know

  • Round Three of the Safer Communities Fund was meant to help communities in need, like councils, churches, schools and other groups invest in CCTV cameras, security fencing, and other infrastructure to make local communities safer.
  • But the Liberals rejected the advice from the Government’s community safety experts and reduced funding for 19 safety projects across Australia.
  • Instead, the Liberals directed taxpayers' money into 53 cherry-picked projects, ahead of other safety projects the experts were said were more important.
  • Peter Dutton, who oversaw the Safer Seats Rorts, made sure that two projects in his own electorate were funded, even though his own experts did not recommend them.
  • Peter Dutton also announced funding for two projects in the lead-up to the Braddon by-election with the then-Liberal candidate, despite the grant guidelines not being written, and without expert safety advice from his own Department.
  • Peter Dutton still funded the two Braddon projects even though his own community safety experts told him not to.
  • Peter Dutton even spent $36,000 of taxpayers' money taking a RAAF jet to Braddon to announce these two projects.

Community safety taxpayers' money used as Liberal Party money

What kind of government rejects advice from community safety experts and moves taxpayers' money away from communities at risk and instead uses that money to prop up their own electoral fortunes? The answer is: Scott Morrison’s Government, as ABC 730 has reported.

Liberals use taxpayers' money to fund ineligible and unsuitable projects

Former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was contradicted by his own community safety experts in his management of the Safer Communities Fund. Despite community safety experts telling the Minister that projects were not suitable or not value for money, the Minister rejected their advice. The Minister then handed out 90% of community safety funding to Government seats, or to marginal seats the Liberals were trying to win.

Did your community miss out?

The Safer Seats Rorts scandal will mean many communities across the country miss out on Safer Communities Fund grants. The City of Rockingham in WA lost almost half of its safety funding thanks to Peter Dutton’s cuts. The Liberals are refusing to release many of the details of the communities that have missed out. If you think you have missed out, please contact us.


The Facts

Two key freedom-of-information documents have been released by the Department of Home Affairs that reveal the extent of the Liberals Safer Seats Rorts:

Find a fault?

Over the past eight years of secrecy and document shredding, the Liberals have made it harder than ever to hold the Government to account on websites like this. If you think we’ve got something wrong or have missed something, please let us know.

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