Scott Morrison is all about himself, and doesn’t really care about you.

That’s why when things go wrong – whether it the bushfires or COVID – he doesn’t take charge. But when things go right he’s the first to take credit.

For years, the Morrison Government was in denial about Robodebt’s fairness and legality, even after the defective Robodebt system left a trail of carnage across the nation resulting in anxiety, poverty and suicides.

It is only after the prospect of Liberal Ministers, such as former Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge, having to take the witness stand in court did Scott Morrison agree to pay back victims. 

What dirty secrets about Robodebt’s origins did Scott Morrison want to hide?

Scott Morrison is not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side. He’s only in it for himself

What you need to know

  • Under the policies of Scott Morrison, and Ministers Tudge, Porter and Robert for years falsely accused families, students, jobseekers and Australians with disability of owing social security debts that were not real – a disgrace that has prompted a $1.2 billion court settlement for 400,000 Australians.
  • The Morrison Government has taken a ‘looking after the boys’ approach of denial and cover up:
    • Not a single Minister has been stood down or sanctioned in any way.
    • The accounts of mothers who say their adult children took their lives because of Robodebt are denied by the Morrison Government.
    • No inquiry has been launched.
    • And the Morrison Government continues to hide behind claims of ‘Public Interest Immunity’ to refuse to make documents on the origin of the scheme public.
  • Labor has called for a Royal Commission into Robodebt to ensure Australians get the transparency and answers they deserve.

Sneaky Morrison move to announce Robodebt backflip on Friday afternoon

After months of denying fault, the Morrison Government finally backflipped and announced a $1.2 billion settlement for 400,000 who faced a Robodebt.

Dutch Government sets example for Morrison by resigning

Mr Morrison should look to the Netherlands for what a principled response to the immense Robodebt scandal would look like. While the whole Dutch Government resigned en masse over their equivalent of Robodebt, the Morrison Government continues to disrespect the Australian public and do nothing.


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