Destroying Medicare

Scott Morrison is all about himself and doesn’t really care about you.  

That’s why when things go wrong – whether it is the bushfire response or the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – he doesn’t take charge. But when things go right, he’s the first to take credit.

He’s not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side. He’s only in it for himself.

With the country distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Morrison and his mates have snuck through almost 1,000 changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule – changes that mean you will pay more for urgent medical care.  

With these changes coming into effect on 1 July, Mr Morrison’s cuts to Medicare rebates mean that patients have been forced to choose between cancelling life-changing surgeries or being hit with huge bills they were never told about.

This isn’t a shock – the Liberals and the Nationals have attacked Medicare for decades. Since they came to government in 2013, they tried to put in a GP tax to make you pay more to see a doctor, and they cut billions from Medicare by extending the funding freeze.

Under Mr Morrison, Medicare will never be safe.

You can never trust the Liberals on Medicare, and you can never trust Mr Morrison because he’s not on your side.

What you need to know

Mr Morrison’s latest cuts to cost patients up to $10,000

The cost of some lifesaving surgeries will increase up to $10,000 as Mr Morrison and his mates move closer to a US-style health care system. With the country distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberals and Nationals have snuck through changes that will leave patients struggling to pay huge medical bills for life-saving operations.


AMA slams Mr Morrison for rushed reforms

Doctors are concerned that Mr Morrison’s changes will create chaos for patients, with uncertainty about who will be impacted by these unfair changes. AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid said “…hospitals, doctors and patients – will not be ready for the 1 July changes due to poor implementation by the Government”. No consultation, no heads-up, no plan – Mr Morrison and his mates don’t care about your health. They only care about cutting Medicare because it’s in their DNA.

A Long History of Medicare Attacks: $1 Billion Dollars in Cuts

The Liberals have always opposed Medicare – they voted against it in 1983, and they’ve continued to attack it ever since. Under the Liberals, the out-of-pocket costs to visit the GP have already increased 34%. Your access to healthcare shouldn’t be determined by your bank balance, but the Liberals’ cuts have meant that it’s harder and more expensive to see your doctor on their watch. They’ve cut $1 billion dollars in rebate indexations, they’ve cut support for bulkbilling, and they’ve already reduced the number of operations on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

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Over the past eight years of secrecy and document shredding, the Liberals have made it harder than ever to hold the Government to account on websites like this. If you think we’ve got something wrong or have missed something, please let us know.

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