Jobs for mates


Scott Morrison is all about himself, and doesn’t really care about you.

While Scott Morrison cuts JobKeeper, JobSeeker and cuts the wages of ordinary Australians, he rewards his mates. 

In fact, he proudly said, “Remember, my value is: we look after our mates.”

He’s not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side. He’s only in it for himself.

What you need to know

  • Eight years into this Liberal Government, there is at least one group of people who have access to secure jobs and good pay: former Ministers from Tony Abbott's first Ministry. 
  • Over half of Tony Abbott's original collection of Ministers (or 17 out of 30 former Ministers) have benefited from the Liberal Government through appointments to taxpayer-funded jobs or backing, have gotten jobs with organisations or businesses whose activities overlap with their former ministerial responsibilities, or lobby the Liberal Government.
  • On top of this, Liberal Attorneys-General have been stacking the Administrative Appeals Tribunal with Liberal, National and conservative mates – sometimes when they’re not qualified.

Joyce stacks Infrastructure Australia board with his mates

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Barnaby Joyce’s new appointments to the board of Infrastructure Australia amount to little more than a Nationals stack of this integral economic advisory agency.

Of seven new appointments to the board, four have easily discoverable links to the Liberal and National Parties.

The new chair, Colin Murray, describes himself as a “fairly solid Barnaby supporter”.

Amanda Cooper, a former Brisbane City Councillor, is a Vice President of the Queensland LNP.

Elizabeth Schmidt was the LNP candidate for Dalrymple at the 2011 and 2015 Queensland elections.

And Vicki Mayer is a former Liberal Branch President, who has more recently turned against Sussan Ley.

Ever since they took office the Nationals have been determined to kill Infrastructure Australia.

It says everything about Mr Morrison that he has been prepared to do a dirty deal with Barnaby Joyce to hobble our nation’s primary infrastructure advisory body.

Labor has called for a review of Infrastructure Australia. As part of that review, we will closely consider the future of each of these board appointments.

Top Lib awarded two taxpayer funded jobs

The former director of the Liberal Party, Tony Nutt, secured two taxpayer-funded jobs – one on the board of Australia Post and another on the National Museum of Australia Council. Mr Nutt joined other Liberals on the board of Australia Post, including former Liberal Senator Michael Ronaldson, and former LNP president Bruce McIver. Mr Nutt’s two part-time gigs meant he was paid $114,000 a year by the taxpayer.

George Brandis stacked AAT with Liberals

When George Brandis was Attorney-General, he worked hard to shove Liberal mates onto the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, with some jobs paying more than $300,000 a year.

64 jobs on the AAT and counting…

According to Crikey, the Liberal Government had appointed 64 members to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal over the six years to 2019 who had some kind of connection to the Liberals and Nationals, some of them with no legal qualifications.

A taxpayer-funded job for a Liberal mate despite being censured by Parliament

The Liberals appointed former Liberal Minister Bruce Billson to a taxpayer-funded job with a salary of over $360,000 a year despite the fact he was previously censured by the House of Representatives for taking a salary for another job while he was still a Member of Parliament.

The Facts

We know the facts matter. Here you can find further details about jobs for mates by the Liberal and National parties.

Liberal and National diplomats:

  • The Liberals and Nationals have been busy sending their old mates off to taxpayer-funded jobs at Australia’s Consulates, Embassies and High Commissions around the world:
    • Will Hodgman – the former Liberal premier of Tasmania sent to Singapore
    • Patricia Forsythe – NSW State Liberal front bencher sent to New Zealand
    • Richard Court – former WA Premier sent to Japan
    • Barry O’Farrell – former NSW Premier sent to India
    • Brett Mason – former Liberal National Senator sent to the Netherlands
    • Alexander Downer – former Liberal Minister sent to the UK
    • George Brandis – former Liberal Minister sent to the UK
    • Nick Greiner – former NSW Liberal Premier sent to the USA
    • Nick Minchin – former Liberal Minister sent to the USA
    • Mitch Fifield – former Liberal Minister sent to the United Nations in New York
    • Joe Hockey – former Liberal Minister sent to the USA
    • Arthur Sinodinos – former Liberal Senator sent to the USA
    • David Bushby – former Liberal Senator sent to the USA
    • Peter McGauran – former Liberal Minister sent to the USA

Administrative Appeals Tribunal:

  • Crikey produced a 11-part series about how the Liberals and Nationals gave scores of their mates taxpayer-funded jobs on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. You can read their series here:

Find a fault?

Over the past eight years of secrecy and document shredding, the Liberals have made it harder than ever to hold the Government to account on websites like this. If you think we’ve got something wrong or have missed something, please let us know.

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