JobKeeper Rorts


Scott Morrison is all about himself and doesn’t really care about you.

That’s why when things go wrong – whether it is the bushfires or the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – he doesn’t take charge. But when things go right, he’s the first to take the credit.

While Scott Morrison cuts JobKeeper, JobSeeker, and the wages of ordinary Australians, he always rewards his mates. 

And few have benefited more from the COVID-19 Pandemic than Australia’s billionaires.

JobKeeper was supposed to give money to businesses that were experiencing an economic downturn due to the pandemic.  This money would help keep Australians in jobs and at work – a program that Labor suggested first, and strongly supported.

But Scott Morrison, as always, failed to get it right.

We now know that one in every five dollars spent on JobKeeper went to firms whose earnings increased in 2020.

That’s because there were no checks and balances in place to recoup money that was given to companies that boomed during the pandemic.  Any business could simply predict a downturn, and then pocket tens of millions of dollars when their sales actually went up – not down – over the last year. 

Labor estimates that between $15-20 billion dollars went to companies that simply didn’t need it.

This money should be paid back. 

However, very few of these companies have offered to return the money – and Scott Morrison won’t make them, either. 

Scott Morrison and the Liberals sent Robodebt to hound people who didn't owe the Government a single cent, and yet they are happy for JobKeeper rorters to hold onto millions.

It’s clear – Scott Morrison looks after himself and his mates, but he doesn’t care about you and your family.

Scott Morrison treats taxpayer money like its Liberal Party money.  JobKeeper was best for the billionaires, but did less for the battlers.  It would be better spent improving our education and healthcare system, rather than padding the pockets of some of the wealthiest Australians. 

Scott Morrison is not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side. He’s only in it for himself.

What you need to know

  • Scott Morrison’s JobKeeper Program has been rorted for billions by businesses and billionaires who have pocketed your taxpayer money.
  • One in every five dollars spent on JobKeeper went to firms whose earnings actually increased in 2020.
  • Labor estimates that between $15-20 billion dollars went to companies that simply didn’t need it.
  • Scott Morrison and the Liberals sent Robodebt after ordinary Australians who didn’t owe the Government a single cent, and yet they will not demand that JobKeeper rorters pay back the money they’ve received.

Harvey Norman (and its franchisees) - $22 Million

Harvey Norman’s profits have more than doubled during the pandemic – growing by 116% to over $462 million in the second half of 2020. Company Chairman Gerry Harvey has refused to pay back the $22 million dollars of taxpayer money he and his franchisees received through JobKeeper, calling it a “tiny amount of money”.

Best&Less – $42 Million

Best&Less received $42 million dollars in JobKeeper payments – and banked over $25 million of that as profit in a year that their revenue grew to $625 million. Allegro Funds – the private-equity conglomerate that own Best&Less – are now trying to sell the company on the back of their big-profit year and have given no indication that they intend to return the money.

Premier Investments – Up to $110 Million

Solomon Lew’s Premier Investments repaid $15 million of their JobKeeper subsidy – but they have pocketed as much as $110 million in subsidies, despite seeing their earnings skyrocket by almost 90% in the first-half of 2021. Lew claims they need to keep taxpayer money as insurance against further lockdowns, but he personally received a $25 million dollar dividend in 2020.

Accent Group – $45 Million

Accent Group – owner of footwear stores like Platypus, Hype and Sketchers – have refused to handback any of the almost $50 million dollars they received through JobKeeper, despite seeing their profits increase by 57% during the pandemic, and their sales rise to $541.3 million dollars in the second half of 2020. Accent still have $72 million cash-in-hand – 65% higher than before COVID-19 – even after paying CEO Daniel Agostinelli a $1.2 million bonus in 2020.

Eagers Automative – $130 Million

Eagers Automative received $130 million in JobKeeper subsides – and then went on to post a $150 million profit. The company have refused to pay back a cent, despite a significant upswing in sales for many of its’ major car brands – including Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Hyundai and Volkswagen – since November 2020.


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