Mr Joyce is also not on your side

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Mr Morrison or Mr Joyce, it is clear they are all about themselves and don’t really care about you.

That’s why when things go wrong – whether it is the bushfires or the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – they don’t take charge. But when things go right, they are the first to take the credit.

Despite Mr Joyce promising not to destabilise the Government, he did just that when he kicked Michael McCormack out of the Deputy Prime Minister’s job.

Mr Joyce and the Nationals weren’t focussed on the vaccine roll-out, quarantine, or even helping farmers fight the mouse plague, they were only focussed on themselves.

Even though Scott Morrison has a history of rewarding people for bad behaviour, we thought the new-old Deputy Prime Minister deserved his own page.

Whether it’s Mr Morrison or Mr Joyce, it’s clear they are not interested in what you want or need. They are not on your side. They only in it for themselves. 

What you need to know

Aussie jobs threatened by Mr Joyce.

Good climate policy is good jobs policy, but it’s not going to happen by accident, and it certainly won’t happen if Mr Joyce has anything to say about it. As far as climate change sceptics go, Mr Joyce is right up there. He says “the Nationals have always been opposed to a net-zero target”, and wants the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to put money into new coal fired power stations. Mr Joyce doesn’t care about the science, doesn’t care about economics, and doesn’t care about you. He is not on your side.

Mr Joyce wasn't fit for the job three years ago – He isn't fit now

In 2018 Joyce was forced to step down as Deputy Prime Minister as a growing chorus of people, including from within his own party, decided his behaviour was inappropriate.

Mr Joyce was not on your side then, he is not on your side now.

First an affair was revealed with a staffer and questions about favourable treatment were raised. Then Ms Marriott, a former West Australian Rural Woman of the Year, made a sexual harassment allegation against Mr Joyce – an allegation he denies. The Nationals ended the investigation saying they “[have] been unable to make a determination”.

As a Minister, Mr Joyce was anything but impressive

Mr Morrison has never been about finding the best people run the country, he is all about jobs for mates. Mr Joyce is no exemption.

From his time as shadow Finance Minister where Mr Joyce was confused about the difference between billions and trillions. To his shining achievement on producing The Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, described as filled with "crackpot and expensive ideas". He was so untrusted with his job that he was provided with ‘babysitter’ public servant to watch over his portfolio.

Mr Joyce doesn’t care about what you think or want

In December 2017, the people living in Mr Joyce’s electorate of New England voted to support same-sex marriage 52.5% to 47.5%, but Mr Joyce didn’t care what they thought. He refused to support same-sex marriage and walked out of the vote in the House of Representatives. If Mr Joyce didn’t listen to the Australian people then, why would he now? Mr Joyce is not on your side.

Good at spending your money, not good at explaining why

Like Mr Morrison, Mr Joyce spends taxpayer’s money like it’s Liberal and National Party money. After being flown by private jet to attend a wedding with billionaire Gina Rinehart, he forced taxpayers to pay $5,500 to fly his wife and him home. Mr Joyce claimed the travel was for a “study trip”, a study trip that lasted for just one day. The habit followed him to the back bench, where as Special Drought Envoy he racked up a bill of $675,000 in nine months, yet spent less than three weeks actually visiting drought affected areas. To make matters worse, as Special Envoy he never produced a final report instead opting for text messages to the PM.

The Facts

We know the facts matter. Here you can find further details about Mr Joyce’s gaffs, screw ups and scandals.













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