Morrison's BS

For a while, “Scotty from Marketing” was a bit funny, but Mr Morrison’s relationship with the truth has gotten beyond a joke.

Mr Morrison said that no ineligible projects were funded through Sports Rorts. That was BS.

Mr Morrison said that all the stranded Australians would be home by Christmas. That was BS.

Mr Morrison said Australia would be at the front of the queue for vaccines. That was BS.

Let’s face it: Mr Morrison is never straight with the Australian people.

Labor won’t stand-by and let Mr Morrison BS anymore.

That’s why Labor has launched the BS Report, because it’s time to call out all the BS that comes from Mr Morrison.

The mystery ~$1m given to Christian Porter that shocked Australians

When one of his senior Ministers, Christian Porter, took up to $1 million from unknown sources, what did Mr Morrison do about it? Absolutely nothing.

Instead of acting, Mr Morrison had to ask for advice on whether it was appropriate for a member of his Cabinet to accept up to a million dollars from secret benefactor with unknown motives.

The answer should have been immediately obvious.

It breached Mr Morrison’s own Ministerial Standards.

It shocked and angered Australians.

Mr Morrison should have immediately sacked Mr Porter… but he failed to act waited for someone else to do his job.

BS Report #11, 21 September 2021

Mr Morrison’s vaccine rollout BS exposed

When Mr Morison said Australia was 'at the front of the queue for vaccines', he knew that wasn't true.

He didn't even try to join the queue, when he had the chance.

Despite pharmaceutical company Pfizer virtually begging the Morrison Government to sign an agreement to supply vaccines to Australia, his team refused to meet with them.

When called out on this, Mr Morrison blatantly lied and pointed the finger at someone else.


BS Report #10, 11 September 2021

For Mr Morrison, every problem is someone else's fault

With Mr Morrison, BS comes in many shapes and forms. There are the misleading statements; the evasions and equivocations; and the out and out untruths. Then there is the other type of Morrison BS – the blame shifting. When things go well, Mr Morrison is always first in line to take the credit. But when things go poorly, he is first to point the finger at someone else.

BS Report #9, 7 August 2021

Morrison BS to Australian women

Back in March 2020, the Human Rights Commission handed the Morrison Government the landmark [email protected] report. 55 recommendations for tackling harassment and discrimination in Australian workplaces. For a year Mr Morrison did nothing. No response, no policies, no legislation. In March, he said it was 'urgent' to act - but that was just BS.

BS Report #8, 31 August 2021

Ruby Princess BS from Mr Morrison

Remember the Ruby Princess, and how Mr Morrison blamed everyone else for this ship spreading COVID-19 across the country? Well, now Mr Morrison's own independent expert confirms he was full of BS.

BS Report #7, 28 August 2021

Mr Morrison reckons his vaccine rollout is “up there with the world’s best” – that’s just BS

Mr Morrison has claimed Australia is hitting COVID vaccination rates “up there with the world’s best.” That is absolute BS. Everybody knows that COVID vaccination rates in Australia under the Morrison Government are lagging far behind the world’s best. Here are the facts.

BS Report #6, 10 August 2021

Lockdown BS from Mr Morrison

Mr Morrison was anti-lockdown right up until Sydney, his home-town, got locked down. Now, he’s heaping out the BS and blaming everyone else. Mr Morrison is not on your side.

BS Report #5, 4 August 2021

Mr Morrison's Gold Medal in BS

While Sydney’s COVID crisis is deepening, Mr Morrison has compared his COVID vaccine rollout to the gold medal winning performances of Australia's athletes at the Olympic Games. That’s taking the special brand of Morrison BS to a whole new level.

BS Report #4, 29 July 2021

Mr Morrison shovels more vaccine rollout BS out the door

More BS today from Mr Morrison. Mr Morrison had two jobs this year: a speedy effective rollout of the vaccine and quarantine. Not only has Mr Morrison failed on both counts, now he is misleading Australians about his incompetent performance.

BS Report #3, 21 July 2021

Mr Morrison’s Vaccine Rollout BS

Desperate to cover up his vaccine roll-out mistakes, Mr Morrison has shovelled a whole lot of BS out the door. Mr Morrison had two jobs this year. Roll out the vaccine and set up safe national quarantine, and he’s failed both. We compare Mr Morrison’s BS and the Facts.

Download the Fact Sheet

BS Report #2, 9 July 2021

Mr Morrison’s taxpayer-funded family holiday

Mr Morrison has been caught-out using taxpayer’s money for his own personal sightseeing holiday in the United Kingdom, while all other Australians are prevented from travelling overseas. Worst still, when caught out, Mr Morrison lied about it. Here’s the first BS Report.

Download the Fact Sheet

BS Report #1, 30 June 2021


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